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Web designing

ShiftICT offers an entire range of web application development services such as Websites, CMS (Content Management Systems), E-commerce portals, web integration to ERP etc. to customers marking their inevitable presence in the internet sphere.

ShiftICT offers responsive web design solutions that can identify the device (Tab, Mobile, Laptop etc.) used by the user and then deliver content tailored for that particular device for better readability and user experience.
We have a team of experts who can convert your old complex and bizarre websites into beautiful, responsive portals with clean coding. Improving the user-experience is the core philosophy of our web-designing team. Harnessing the power of latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript etc., our skilled web designers invest their maximum effort to create high standard responsive web solutions.

 Content Management Systems

ShiftICT offers high quality and affordable Open Source CMS Development services based on proven CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Odoo. These top-notch CMS platforms allows organizations to deploy, grow, and manage their web presence independent of technical or creative in-house man-power.

ShiftICT  provides beautiful site designs, templates, applications, and infrastructure, and then puts complete content management control into the hands of our clients with an easy-to-use web-based interface. This enables the clients to manage their daily content updating and editing themselves.

Advantages of our CMS offerings

  • The interface is as easy as a basic word processing program and crucial changes to a website can be made in a few short minutes.
  • Integrate your website and e-commerce portal with back-end ERP for real-time updates.
  • Takes advantage of powerful web applications to market your products and services to get the most out of your web site.
  • Permission-based so only specified groups and users can add, edit, post and manage content.
  • Improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by giving greater control over content, architecture, links, and tracking.
  • Handles multiple languages for international audiences.
  • Scalable to accommodate future website enhancements and new web properties